watercolors on a sunday

watercolor 2
watercolor 4
On this Sunday the house is quiet, the windows are open wide to let the cool air fill our day and my coffee sits by my side. The kid's are watching their sunday show, a BBC dinosaur documentary for Jonas and a Discovery show on the planets for Joshua. I certainly can't complain about their choices. While the house is quiet I am enjoying the moment. Last night I finished a watercolor painting of a dreamcatcher for Jessica's room. I'm happy with the results, but decided to make a couple more and choose from the selections I created.

So, for now, it's watercolors on a sunday with open windows and hot coffee.
Happy Sunday!


  1. Lovely painting and that sounds like a dreamy Sunday. Watercolors are the most challenging for me... I'm used to oils where all mistakes can be corrected. There's no second chances with those water colors :) Happy Sunday.

    xo Lilly

  2. sounds like a perfect kind of day. ;-)

  3. So pretty! I love it. And sounds like you had a great day :)

  4. lovely! watercolors are so fun. I've dabbled with watercolor pencils too. an interesting twist!


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