03 February 2009

Kimono as Art
True Inspiration

Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota features forty oversized kimono created by Master Kubota. Kimono will tour the United States for six months with only two stops: San Diego, California and Canton, Ohio.

What can I say....this is so exciting for Canton, Ohio! This exhibit has truly inspired our town and we are ready to celebrate it's arrival. We have been preparing for some time and now it is down the the final moments. This exhibit has inspired my work in several ways. I have created a whole new line of Asian influenced jewelry just for this event. Below are a couple pictures, but I have several pieces. I will have everything displayed at First Friday on February 6th. After that event the pieces will be on my website.

This piece is created with a clay pendant made by Love to Clay,
sterling silver chain and fresh water pearls.

I just love these delicate earrings! They are made with vintage hand painted cabs from Japan.

Check out the Kimono as Art site: http://www.kimonoexhibit.com/

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