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Welcome to my personal blog! My name is Elizabeth M. Jacob and this is where I document small details about our daily life. I find inspiration in the world around me, in the morning sunlight that dances across my window, in the sweet aromas of vanilla and nutmeg that tend to linger in my kitchen and in the laughter my children toss into the air. Here you will find a lifestyle story weaved together with my own photographs and whimsical words.

I am a writer, self-taught photographer and copy editor for Babiekins Magazine, a magazine for the trendsetting child. I am also a regular contributor for EarthFare's blog, The Vine, and develop healthy recipes to share monthly on their site.

My husband Jon and I love good food, we love to spend our time in the kitchen and we appreciate and enjoy tasting fine spirits. We find meaning through these moments and these meanings define us as a family.

In the fall of 2014 our ten year old son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. It has been a long and difficult battle, but we hope that we are on the path to healing and recovery. His case is very unique and we have fought to have our voices heard. After going through several doctors, we finally are working with an amazing GI who is open to alternative treatments. Our son is currently medicine free and maintains a healthy lifestyle by using food to fight his disease. You can read the original post here and follow our journey to healing over here on Instagram.

I strive for simplicity and finding happiness in life.
I document details in hopes to treasure them forever.
I embrace time and cherish my surroundings.
And these are my memories.

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