14 March 2009

cupcake craze...

OK, so recently I have been a little crazy about cupcakes! Yesterday, it was vanilla with butter cream frosting. Today, it's carrot cake cupcakes and tomorrow (yes, tomorrow) it's toasted coconut cupcakes with coffee butter cream frosting. Thank goodness I'm running my long run tomorrow!!
After this cupcake crisis I better move onto a veggie frenzy.
I found the B E S T cupcake cookbook ever. I am absolutely in love with Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. You have to check out these women's website www.theppk.com. Oops...I guess I should have told you that these are vegan cupcakes! Although I am not a vegan, I do not eat dairy. In fact, it has been 21 months since I have had dairy. I have never felt healthier. By not eating dairy I am forced to watch what I eat because I need to make sure I get that calcium. I cook very healthy and don't indulge as much.
Except for this weekend!

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