18 April 2009

all about r i n g s...

I just love rings!! I love to wear them on my ring finger and I especially love to wear them on my first finger. My husband and I vacation every year in Wilmington, North Carolina and they have the coolest little stores down there. Every time I go I always find rings I fall in love with....only problem is the price. Considering I'm a stay at home mom I, unfortunately, do have a budget. How do I balance that and the fact I love fashion?? Well, that's why I've decided to start making more rings. For awhile I have been working with vintage buttons, but I've now discovered a whole new range of buttons to work with. Above are a few of my new pieces where I have turned unique buttons into fashionable rings.
For more visit my website http://www.yellowfinchdesigns.etsy.com/
As always...enjoy!

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