06 April 2009

go green.....

Yeah!! Time to celebrate....Yellow Finch Designs has gone green! I have been planning on doing this for so long, and although I have had many "green" aspects about my business, I was never ready to officially "go green." Well friends, it's official...I have gone green.

In order to avoid paper waste I no longer use labels for my bags. My bags are now made out of recycled paper as well are my boxes. I have invested in two new fabulous stamps. You can see the one above that is used for boxes and bags. I also have a return address stamp so no more labels with shipping! When I ship I use recycled paper and bubble wrap to make sure your items reach you safely and I do not include a receipt. Electronic receipts can be found on etsy.

As always, I love to use old pieces (aka vintage) to create something new and modern. I recycle old jewelry and buttons and give them new meaning in the form of contemporary jewelry.

If anyone out there has jewelry they were going to through away S T O P and pass it along!
Don't forget
{ reuse ○ reduce ○ recycle }

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