10 August 2009

painting paradise: big skies and blue seas

Windsong and Roses

Dark Heart of Evening

Hidden Angels

Sofia in Clouds

Dancing Sky


Susan Sugar
A contemporary New York painter, Susan Sugar has, in her latest series of coastal scenes, created a strikingly inventive modernist take on traditional compositions. The deep, saturated color of her forms contributes to this sense of atmosphere and bold palette, as do the almost abstract outlines in the lighter sections of the work. With a master�s degree in architecture, Susan Sugar demonstrates an acute sense of structure and balance in all her paintings, but it is especially evident in these works where the bold active skies seem to merge with the distant horizon of sea.


  1. Thanks! I came across this artist from Coastal Living magazine. Her work is so dreamy! I love it.

  2. These paintings are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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