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"And now, " cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"

"I loved Maurice's (Sendak) books as a kid. When you love something and feel connected to it at that age, you're permanentlyconnected to it when you grow up. The motivation for the film was just loving what it stirred up in me, connecting to what I felt as a kid and wanting to make
a movie about childhood—or what childhood was to me."
Spike Jonze


  1. yes! great post. i was actually dreaming of this movie all morning. i'm so excited for it! its playing at an imax (3D theater) by my house.. it is going to be amazing. :)
    peace & love.

  2. everytime i watch the trailer i get goose bumps!

  3. it will be EPIC i cant wait to see this movie!!!!


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