{ on the gray side }

Grey Chiffon Ruffle Flower Handbag

Felted Rose Flower with Long Crocheted Lariat/Scarf/Necklace/Bracelet

Vintage 1950's GRAY wool swing coat

Hybidity of High Fashion and Streetwear

wrapped in gray

Pale Grey Blossom corsage brooch, medium, felt

Soft Cotton Bracelet

Romantic wrap top with short ruffled sleeves

Henrietta Bag - Storm Grey
Drizzle Scarflette

VTG 80's Lace Up SCALLOPED Victorian Granny Ankle Boot 8


  1. Gorgeous collection, love these greys! Thanks so much for including my bracelets! :)

  2. lovely gray finds!

    no i will not be at festival 8. i looked it up tho and it looks/ sounds like a blast. what a beutiful place! i am in south florida so that is quite a journey for me and i am all out of vacation time at work. i went to bonnaroo in tennessee for like my 5th time this summer. phish played 2 sets this year. it is fun but it gets bigger and bigger each year (lots of people). so id like to fall in love w a new one soon but i dont know if i can part ways with bonnaroo. hah. anyways have a blast if u go to festival 8!
    peace & love!

  3. totally understand! i did bonnaroo 1 and 3. The third one was a little bit different than the first, atmosphere wise. but always a blast :) it's harder to go to festivals for me now because i have two little ones, but my heart always follows phish! so my hubbie and i are makinng the trek out to cali from ohio. i'm sure we'll have a blast :) thanks for the good wishes!! keep me posted on any new music you come across.


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