31 March 2010

Shabby Apple San Gabriel Giveaway!

Once again, the fabulous blog Grossgrain is hosting several giveaways!! I must admit, this dress is fabulous and I would LOVE to win it.
Make sure to enter!!

25 March 2010

Halloween 2009 { so glad I was there }

22 March 2010

Walk Away

softly turn your head
fade into the DISTANCE
with no regrets

Amazing Photographs by Coquinete

20 March 2010

Featured Etsy Artist { Sarah John Afana }

17 March 2010

{ happy st. patrick's day }

Bottle green and slate gray plaid clutch purse

Camisole Set
Moss Bobby Pin
by Ottoman
EcoCuff Earthy Green Flower

Alexander Handbag No 43 by mandinka

Organic Cotton Top by GreenWorks

Just a few unique finds with the help of Team Eco Etsy
Enjoy the beautiful day!

16 March 2010

{ you can leave whenever you want }

stumbled across this song on The Brass Paperclip Project. Make sure to check out her great blog.
Perfect song for today.....

14 March 2010

Factory Girl { an intriguing movie }

This captivating movie follows the life of Edie Sedgwick, a young and beautiful aspiring English woman. However, Edie's life will change forever when she meets Andy Warhol, one of New York's most famous artists of the time. With the help of Andy, she is transformed from a trust fund baby into the Big Apple's most dazzling Superstar. Follow her roller coaster journey through love, friendships and her downfalls in this unique movie staring Sienna Miller.

01 March 2010

{ night shades } grey and black

Linen Clutch Purse Grey and Black
Cashmere Twisted Cowl
Black Tie Moccasin
Aubergine and Mustard Fiber Necklace

Black Bell Dress

Chunky Hat in Grey by homelab

Silver and Black Bead Crochet Bracelet
Autumn Midnight Black Wrap