15 August 2010

{ getting ready for baby }

I have slowly been working on the nursery and am down to final steps. I am having the hardest time and would love your help! The walls are a colonial blue and the trim and ceiling are white. I have decided not to paint the room and am working with what I have! The bedding is simple, organic and slightly modern. I didn't want to go overboard so I am using the bed skirt, bumper, blanket and changing pad cover. The bedding is white and tan with a random blue bird here and there. The curtains are a simple white that hang just below the windowsill. The carpet is a neutral tan shag area rug and then hardwood floor. The furniture is white with a couple light wood pieces.

Now I need to decide on what prints to hang! I was thinking of two prints framed in a large white frame with thick white matting. Please help me decide which prints would match best!! Just let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Resting Sweet Puff by Lighthearted Dreamer

8 x 10

Let's Fly Away by LilyMoon 7.5 x 7.5

Soulmates by LilyMoon 5 x 7 I LOVE this print!

Free Spirit by shirae Print by yumiyumi This could be a nice way to add some color!

I love that this print is available in several colors. This may be a nice way to pull in the orange. Print by skartshop

This little orange bird is so cute! I thought I could incorporate him somewhere. Maybe with the curtains or hanging on a door knob. Small Eco Friendly bird by Recycled Parts

Love Birds Image by Once Upon a Paper Beautiful earthtones! I am open to any suggestions or ideas so please let me know!!! My only criteria is to stick with the organic modern feel and incorporate nature and birds.

Oh, and by the way.....the baby is a girl!


  1. Thanks Elizabeth! great finds! :)

  2. I like #2, #3 and #4, they all have a bird with a little girl and would so cute together. Also, I think groups of 3 are visually very pleasing.

  3. Congrats on your pending projects: nursery and baby!

    My favorites are soulmates and free spirit. Beyond being nice prints, I think they are wonderful jumping off points for imaginative thoughts, stories and conversations.

  4. congratulations on your upcoming baby girl

    I love all your choices but...

    []resting sweet puffs because it is simple.soothing
    []free spirit looks to be a wonderful match color wise and love the feel

    i would love to send you a little bird ...please email me if you want to..
    blessings ~ ELK {eco etsy}

  5. Congrats Liz!!! How exciting! My votes are for Resting Sweet Puffs, Yumiyumi print, and Love Birds Image (not necessarily all of them - they are just my faves). And the little orange bird is too cute. I am very happy for you and your family! xx

  6. These is one of the great information which you can share with us. There are so many my favourite soulmates and free spirits with having imaginative thoughts and colours.

  7. I might be a tad late, but I think the yumiyumi print and the Once Upon A Paper print would look amazing together!!


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