29 December 2010

{ the polaroid } capturing time

I am extremelty thrilled! I just purchased my post Christmas present to myself..... a Polaroid camera . I can't wait to receive my little package and get to work with the creative eye. Below are some amazing polaroid pictures found on etsy.
Camera Love by The Dizzie Pixie
Breathless by no jazz at the alter

The Brushes by vivacious photography

Ranunculus by futurowoman photograhie

4 x 5 polaroid fine art by Pocket Memories
Pink Holga poaroid print by vickeh

Oregon Shore by jon duenas photography

SX70 manipulation polaroid fine art print by john cabras

8 x 8 Blossom Polaroid Print by Camera Takes Photos
8 x 10 inch polaroid find art print by Pocket Memories
Your View of Me by Tea and Brie

4 x 5 inches polaroid fine art by pocket memories
Bougainvillea by no jazz at the alter

13 December 2010

{ Let's Get Creative }

Every year I try to get creative when displaying my cards, but every year ends up the same! Christmas cards lined up on the mantle. ...how boring! Thanks to a little help with Martha Stewart I created a pinup wreath to hold my cards and it looks great in my kitchen. Now I love to look at all my cards everytime I walk by this creative wreath.

Just follow these simple instructions:

Affix clothespins to an embroidery hoop with wood glue. I used standard sized clothespins and even stapmed them for a shabby chic effect. I then glued them to an 18 inch hoop. Alternate pins to point outward and inward, spacing them about 1 1/2 inches apart. Use a ribbon or material to hold the wreath, clip on your cards and enjoy!