23 January 2011

{ Winter Whites }

Moonstone ring by Moon Over Maize

Frilly Sparkly Scarf by Ayca
Milk and Cream Fabric Necklace by Julie Marie Sink
Nuno Felted Eco Dress by Vilte
Snowball SongPoms Set by Smile Merchantile

A Blustery Day by Donna Geissler
Estate Style White Opaque Earrings by Not One Sparrow

Cream White Single Layer Neckwarmer by EcoKaren

Wood Block White Paper Birds Collage by Red or Gray Art
Pearl White Rose Hair Clip by Brass Paper Clip
EcoCuff Junkyard Funkiness by Greenbelts

Heavenly Blush by clairelafaye


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my ring on your lovely blog!

  2. Thank you so much for these beauties on your lovely blog!

    You have made my day...
    Love from Istanbul :)

  3. These are such gorgeous items! I'm honored to be included. Thank you:)

  4. Thank you for featuring my neck warmer. What a lovely company I'm included with. Great collection! "A Blustery Day" is indeed what I have today. And this feature made me smile. :)

  5. That ring is unbelievably gorgeous! As is the last dress, Heavenly Blush (great name too). I wish I had even half the figure to pull off wearing something like that lol

  6. gorgeous! I wear so much black I forget about the power of white.

  7. gorgeous, tender picks! thank you so much for including my dress! http://vilte.etsy.com


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