19 February 2011

To Market To Market

Last weekend the kids and I packed up and went to Columbus.
Thanks Shannon for letting me stay with you and the new hubbie
AND thanks for letting me bring my kids.
I hope they don't scare you away from parenthood.
They were really on their best behavior.
Joshua says sorry about the broken glass
and the possible fruit bar stains on your nice leather couch.
Good thing I brought four bottles of wine -
and then you went out and bought two more.
The boys loved movie night!
I loved going to the North Market and walking around.
Fresh produce, beer,wine, flowers, pastries, coffee, ice cream, truffles
it doesn't get better than that!

jonas stroller
Is this really a good idea? Letting the kids push the baby?

jons sweets
Wait guys, mommy needs her dark chocolate.
Maybe if we get daddy some he won't notice that I went to Starbucks five times this weekend.

josh grapefruit
Does this count as a serving of fruit?

jonas walking
I know you're busy looking at wine, but mommy look at me.
I'm running around next to this nice beer bottle display.
Mommy, are you there?

jess blue eye
Yes, Jessica. With that look I'll give you whatever you want.
Great Weekend!
Best of all I loved sitting around sipping wine and going through old pictures from college.
Good times. Good times.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
Thanks guys for never telling me my hair was so big.
I mean, it wasn't even the 80's!
spring break
college street
the shuffle
carrie's dollar
the coat chair
derby days
the smurfs
taco bell
and the list goes on
memories forever

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