21 March 2011

A touch of Emerald with a hint of Lime

This past week was SO busy that I decided to take a couple days off from posting. I must say, I am glad to be back. I find that typing away and my random chatter about life soothes me after a long day. With spring right around the corner (and St. Patti's Day) I've had my eye on green.
Enjoy these lovely finds.

Vintage Weiss Earrings by kiamichi7

Emerald Green Dress by Dolly D

Vintage Multi strand necklace by Tonight in Paris

Pillow Cover by lindylou

Birds of a Feather wall art by Prince Design UK

design your own clutch by eclu

Gold Ring by PRADMAN
Vintage Blazer by Frecklewonder

Key Lime Studs by Stud Muffins

Canary Napkins by Flytrap

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  1. Love your blog - there are some really beautiful finds here!
    Thank you very much for including my birds!


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