26 April 2011

Art Show Love

Remember a couple weeks ago when I attended that Art Show? Well, I scored some awesome items and wanted to share them {and the fabulous artists} with you. Make sure to click on the links and visit their sites. I am SO happy with everything I came home with. I'm ready to go back for more....


This little guy is so cute. He made it into Jessica's Easter basket. Of course, he's too small for a toy, but he has a little nest on her dresser out of harms way.
Cicada Valley Studios


I think I'll use this little bag to toss into the diaper bag to hold odds and ends. I love it because it's made from vintage material.

Mary Moon Designs


A perfect little pouch for a mama on the go!

Mary Moon Designs


The boys and the hubby stopped by to say hello and this little zippy bag caught Jonas' eye. He now stores his little (and I mean little)Star Wars legos in here.

Mary Moon Designs


I knew from the moment I saw this painting I was going to hang it in Jessica's room. It was such a pleasure meeting Gina. Make sure to visit her lovely blog. We've now become online friends....I love it!

La Belle Avenue


I love that this stamped log is so unique and rustic. Right now I have him nestled amoung my camera collection, but he may make his way to the fireplace. I also have my eye on a couple more items from this great store.

The Canton Box Co.


Meet my new kitchen towel....one that will never be used because it is just too pretty to get dirty! It's made with vintage chenille. I also ordered two diaper covers for Jess with the flower on the butt...I can't wait to put them on her!

Baby Ewe

Yummy Vegan Banana Bread

Now...I just have to show you WHY I don't take photos of the kids at night. Clearly they get WAY too wound up and then don't go to bed, which means mama doesn't get work done.
But we did have lots of fun...and that's all that matters.
silly boys


  1. All your art show finds look great! Thanks so much for showing off the Stamped Log!


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