06 April 2011

Fashion Fun

Today I stumbled across this amazing size Polyvore and I have been searching and playing there all day. Well, not really ALL day because I have three small children, but I spent much time there today. I have a feeling this site is not good, not good at all. I just want to shop!! And it's so much fun to create different collages. When I was in highschool I loved saving my magazines and creating collages that I would hang on my walls. Now I get to do that as an adult...I love it!

Here are two sets that I created today. I'm still getting a feel for the webiste and hope to improve my collages with time...there's a lot of white space, but I still wanted to share :) Enjoy. Click on the picture for more info.

Little Bird

dancing in summer

dancing in summer by yellowfinchdesigns featuring peacock feather jewelry

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