Six Months Old ♥

Looks who's six months old. It's Miss Jessica! I can't believe how active this little lady is....she is so alert and ready to go go go. She has been cooing and talking for awhile, but today she started the "dadada." The boys love it and were SO excited! She rolls like crazy to get what she wants and she even gets on her knees and rocks a bit. I think the crawling is right around the corner. We're working on the sitting up....soon. Oh, and we now cry when mommy leaves the room and when a toy is taken away. I think it's time to start baby proofing a bit. It's a little harder when you have two boys with lots of teeny tiny Star Wars toys.








Jessica is wearing:

Dress by Cornelloki April Cornell {handed down}

Shoes from Star in Telluride, CO

Rosette Clip by The Vintage Letter

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