13 April 2011

{ Small Style }

I've decided to participate in Small Style over on Mama loves Papa, a lovely little blog that I recently discovered. Make sure to stop by and say hi to Morgan. She is an amazing mama of four who loves fashion and style. She blogs about thrifting, attempting to live greener, sewing, crafting, and good food. That sounds like my kinda lady...we seem to have quite a bit in common. For post two of Small Style I plan to include the boys, but we had such a big day I knew that doing a photo session would send them over the edge....and that is somewhere you don't go when it's close to bedtime. Next Thursday I'll link up again with Morgan for this great feature.


Look! Two teeth just popped through on the bottom.


I believe this is when I heard a large crash coming from downstairs....my reaction may have startled Jessica.



Jessica is wearing:

Dress by Target, Headband by Zuzii , Shoes Thrifted { from a friends's garage sale. Thanks Chrissy! }


  1. Jessica is seriously so adorable! Finley has that pretty yellow dress, too. I saw it at my Target, but they didn't have it in Finley's size, but I loved it so much that I came home and ordered it online.

    I post the linky at 4:00am PST, so feel free to link up anytime tomorrow. Thanks so much for participating! :) I'm so excited you are!

  2. Thanks :)
    I got this one when I was prego. Each time I went to Target I bought something for Jess (at that point we called her Baby J..didn't know her name for sure).
    After having boys I was ready for some girly things!

  3. I saw the pictures of your little girl from over on Morgan's site, and she is soooo adorable! Talk about a baby model!

  4. soooo cute! i love yellow and your litte girl is just adorable. Tatum xx

  5. @Melissa and @Tatum....thanks ladies :)

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