Kids Art { Apple Print Bags }

With all these rainy days we've had to turn to the creative arts to fill our time. We thought these cute little bags would make great gifts for Mother's Day. Grandmas if you're reading....stop please! We don't want to ruin the surprise. {wink wink} They are super easy to make and the kids, and mom, had a blast. We used an apple, paint, paint brushes and three eco-friendly cotton totes.

Apple-Print Bag How-To
1. Cut an apple in half from top to bottom. Make sure the cut is smooth and flat. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint evenly over the
cut side of the apple.

2. With the apple half, cut side down, stamp the surface of the object you want to decorate. The more times you stamp, the less vivid the print will be, so reapply paint, or use the other half.

3. Use additional apple halves to print with different colors, if desired. To draw stems and leaves, use black or green markers (or paint).

This art project is from Martha Stewart. Thanks Martha!






We got a little creative with our apples.





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