24 May 2011

La Belle Avenue { guest blogger }

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Spring has arrived and with it rain. It's been pouring outside, but I pour inside. I pour over canvases, sew machine, children's book and to do lists. Just like spring so many ideas and opportunities are blooming. Life is coming awake and dreams of mine are revived from a cold dormant time. I'm in the moment. I catch myself beaming like the sun and realize we really are never to old to play. We make our way through the days like butterflies and bees. Fluttering, flying and dancing from one thing to the next. My kids are not left but planted right in the middle of it all. When we get breaks from the great clouds above, we steal away. Some days walks in the woods, which usually includes muddy boots. Other days are quiet moments fishing by the pond or a picnic with hula hooping for entertainment. It's as if the cycle of nature is playing out in my very own house. As if the new sun is causing my young children's limbs to grow and stretch. Leaving last years summer clothes just memories. Now tossed in the revamp box or bagged up ready for the thrift store where someone else (someone smaller in size) can now love. New play skirts were much-needed, so on a whim I dug through my scrappy pile.

With a few stitches here and there an old skirt of mine becomes a new pink "little" one. A pocket added, of course, for collecting rocks, flowers, and yes, earth worms.

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Part of a quilt top that was never finished now is transformed and hangs around a sweet little waist.

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quilt skirt

These skirts are play clothes, made to flow and move with climbing, running, and hop -scotching. You know, the really important things when your six years old. I didn't use a pattern on these simple slips, just a bit of imagination. I didn't want to get caught up in making it perfect. Perfection is unattainable so why try. I wanted to play. It's the moment. It's the action. It's intent of your meaning that really matters when it's all said and done. That's where the joys are hidden in life. The moment, the embracing, the creating, the doing whatever you love, the self-respect, the laughter, the playing all stitched in one. Creating something from the heart, whether a skirt, a day learning to do cart wheels with giggly girls, or a simple dinner. As I grow like everything around me, I truly understand how important it is to see these times, eyes wide and heart open. Always.

Now go create a moment no matter how simple...make it special. Make it with a playful smile. Make it you.


If you're looking for children's clothing pattens here is a couple I've been itching to get my hands on.

  • Absolutely A-line 1 easy pattern by Wendi Gratz. Who doesn't love cute, simple and quick. That speaks volumes to us moms, doesn't it?

  • Carefree clothing for girls by Junko Okawa. The title alone seems to fit perfect in our everyday life.

You know all this handmade skirt talk has me wanting one myself....I do have enough of the blue and white plaid. Possibly matching skirts in the future...hmmmm




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**** Gina Lewis is the author and artist behind La Belle Avenue.

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    I found my way to your blog from Gina’s blog. The photos of your girls are amazing; plus I love the new skirts that Gina created for them to wear. Thanks for sharing Gina’s creativity in blog land.
    I am your newest follower of your blog so if you have a minute head over to my blog, have a cup of coffee and enjoy.
    Smiles, Paula


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