01 June 2011

Attempted Photo Shoot....

This is what happens when you get friends together to help you take a babies photo shoot. Lots and lots of silliness!

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The kids and I had a great night tonight. Since Jon was working, we went over to our good friends house for dinner and a little playdate. I wanted to have all the kids help me take Jessica's picture for her Small Style post tomorrow. Well, as you can see we had one silly group on our hands. My boys just love getting together with these girls. We're looking forward to a wonderful summer spent with friends like this, pool days and summer sun. Thanks Chris and Leslie and gang for the great night.

Are you dizzy yet? I always wanted to try one of these pictures in motion.
Sorry about the not so great quality photos....I was messing around with my settings the other day and never changed them back. Lesson....always check your settings before shooting.

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  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    The photos of the kids are so cute; what a happy and goofy bunch of children. I love kids; we have four and I wanted more children (my hubby said NO). The kids keep me young, on my toes and smiling.
    Smiles, Paula


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