07 June 2011

My Birthday Weekend ♥

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a fabulous birthday. Friday night was "First Friday," which is a local event here in downtown Canton. I set up my jewelry that night and had my mom as my assistant. After we closed up shop we headed to my hubbie's restaurant for a quick glass of wine. It was so nice....my sister came out and surprised me and my dad was there too!

Saturday day and night we hung out with friends and family and saw Phish in Cuyahoga Falls. Sunday morning we woke up and Jon made us vegan crepes with cream cheese and berry filling. Yummy! Then Jon and I and a friend packed up and drove to Cincinnati to see Phish one more time. Yep, we're crazy! We had a great time both nights, but I must admit, I am exhausted. I think we got our Phish fix for a while...well... at least until August :)

phish collage
Phish blossom

Congrats to Glorias Jewelry Box, Cindy and KL!! You are the winners of the Yellow Finch Designs jewelry giveaway! Please email first and last name and address to yellowfinchdesigns@yahoo.com and I will get those out in the mail asap :) Sorry it took so long to announce the winners...it's been a crazy week.


  1. Yay for family :) I love it when they surprise you! My sister is coming home on the 18th and I'm so excited! I really miss her. I'm glad you got to spend time with yours!

    And more Phish!! You guys are HUGE fans! I should look them up and see if they tickle my fancy haha :)

    and do you mean Cindy as in me?...lol

  2. YES!! As in you :) I looked for your email address, but couldn't find it.

  3. lol awe I'm sorry! And I'll e-mail you in a sec. (my e-mail is cindy2291 at gmail.com) :)

  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful birthday weekend. Happy Belated Birthday. The vegan crepes with cream cheese and berry filling that your hubby made sounds so yummy. Does he get extra hubby points for that chore?
    Smiles, Paula

  5. You guys are too cute. How fun your hubby has a restaurant to eat at (fun, and lots of work!). Such a nice surprise from your sister and dad!

  6. @Paula thanks! He did get some extra hubby points :) but I have to admit, he is pretty good with the cooking and he cooks to my needs too.

    @Pink Sun Drops Thank you!! Yes, don't be fooled, the restaurant is A LOT of work :) it wasn't bad before kids, but we really had to adjust to his hours, but like any household, we make it work!


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