29 June 2011

To the beach we go....

When you read this post I will be on the road heading to the beach for summer vacation. It's going to be a LONG day for me and the little ones! I'm driving straight to Raleigh, NC with the boys and Jessica. Jon will be staying home until Sunday morning to shut down the restaurant. Every July 4th week we shut down, which is a great way for us to enjoy a family vacation.

I decided to stay in Raleigh for a couple days because one of my dearest friends from college lives there. I am SO excited to hang out with her and her family. Friday morning we'll get back on the road and drive to our lunch reservations in Wrightsville Beach where we'll meet up with my parents, my brother, sister in law and their two boys. After a crab cake sandwich and a Bloody Mary we'll load up at the grocery store and head to our house on Figure Eight Island. I can't even begin to describe this amazing beach. My husband grew up vacationing here because his grandfather owned property on the island. Unfortunately, he never built and sold his land. However, the family continued to vacation at this beautiful island. When Jon and I started dating he brought me along, and now we go every year with my family. My sister will be arriving in Friday night, Jon's mom arrives on Saturday and I pick Jon up from the airport on Sunday.

So, while I do have a couple posts scheduled, I will be mostly absent until July 12th. I decided to leave the laptop at home. No jewelry, no etsy stores, no blogging until late hours, some twitter, some picture updates, some thrifting and lots and lots of family time.

Josh packing
What Joshua packed

Jonas packing
What Jonas packed

Liz packing
A sneak preview of what mama packed.
Several large items are not pictured, including:
the pack & play, stroller, tent for the beach, large cooler,
two cases of wine, a large tote of food.

Off we go.....

Sad faces
I wish we weren't leaving someone behind until sunday :(

Oh! Jessica is in the Parent's Magazine photo contest and would love your vote once a day until July 3rd. Click HERE to vote. She says Thanks!


  1. Yoda you must not forget while on a trip to the beach! <3 Have a blast lady!

  2. Haha your boys know how to pack! I hope you have a great time and relax and not worry about blogging until you come back. Family time is meant for that - just family. :)

    I also voted for Jessica! The sweetie! :)


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