10 July 2011

Goodbye Ocean

Morning ocean

Today is our last day at the beach. I'm always sad when we leave the ocean, but I am ready to get home. I miss my house, my bed, my kitchen and my Bailey dog. I have so many vacation stories and pictures to share with you so prepare to be overloaded this week!

Today I'm going to spend the day lounging around and lazily taking in my last beach moments. I may hit the local flea market for some goodies and go out to dinner with the family. I'm looking forward to a long evening stroll along the waters edge and a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we'll be up and on the road by 7:00am for our eleven hour drive home.
I'm ready.
Good by ocean. I always enjoy my time with you.
Until next year....


  1. Just savoring the last few moments is a bittersweet but well worth experience. I'm glad your trip went well, Liz. :)

  2. Le siiigh. Glad you're enjoying your vacation but too bad it has to end! <33

  3. I've been sneaking on to your blog once in a while to live vicariously through your wonderful beachy pictures. It looks like you've all had a great time. Thanks for sharing the virtual sun with the interwbez! :)

  4. @Cindy thanks lady!

    @Caitlin i hate that it ends, but it's always good to get home

    @erica ha ha. thanks. i actually have lots more to come from the trip then i'm done. promise!


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