15 July 2011

Why do I blog?

So, I wanted to talk about something that has really been on my mind for awhile. While on vacation with the family the question came up "Why do I blog?" and in fact I have been thinking long and hard about this for some time. Way back when I started this little blog I knew what direction I wanted to take it, but I didn't know if I was ready. So I didn't post much and used it as a tool for my jewelry business. But then I thought BORING. Who wants to read and look at only jewelry? There are so many other aspects to my life that make me who I am today. So, I decided to create a blog that's about my crazy life as a mother of three who also runs two shops and helps out at her husband’s restaurant. I also knew I wanted to talk about my family and children, but I just didn't know how comfortable I was posting pictures of my little ones. I decided to dive in and take the plunge, which leads me to one of my answers.

Why do I blog....

One of the main reasons why I blog is so I can share my life with friends and family. Jon and I have several friends from childhood and college that are spread out all over the country. We also have family everywhere, even as far as China and Spain. If I can talk about our life with simple words and pictures it's a great way to keep family and friends up to date. That was the original source of my blog. But as I started to write, my simple words turned into paragraphs. Apparently I have more to say than I thought. So for right now, at this point in my life, this little blog is a journal of our life and daily adventures. Down the road it may take another path. I hope it does. I don't like to do the same thing for too long...

The other reason why I blog is because I simply love to write. Although this has turned into more of a journalistic form of writing, at least I am still writing. For those of you who don't know my Bachelor's Degree is in English with a minor in Creative Writing. You don't see it here too often, and it's something I'm going to include more, but I love writing poetry and have even been published (long long ago). I love how simple words can explain feelings, emotions and memories in a way you can’t imagine.

So there you have it. That's why I blog.

Now, you ask, why am I talking about this here and now? After all those long walks on the beach I started to really think why the heck I am blogging. I have SO much going on in my life that honestly, I don't really have extra time for more projects. And I didn't know if I really fit into this blogging community. Well, as least I think it's a community. I have found that there are people out there who are not so welcoming. There are people who leave rude comments that I just don't understand. There are people out there who are just downright mean and intimidating on twitter. And there are also bloggers out there who have their little blogging circles and sometimes I wonder why I am following these people and what am I getting into. I am far too old for this and don't have time to worry about blogs, twitter and any other social network. What it comes down to is this: I love to write, I love to create and I love to share. There you have it....in the simplest words...why I blog.

What do you blog about? What inspires you? What is your motivation? I would love to know. And I promise, I REALLY will read your comment and check it out. You just may not get a reply for awhile ♥


Next week I'll return with my Eco Friendly Friday posts!


  1. Isn't it interesting how the blogging community can be like high school sometimes? I definitely see an almost clique-ish type behavior somehow, not to mention the downright rudeness. I'm so glad you blog because I Love reading everything you write :)

  2. This is a post that touches a nerve with me. As a new blogger, I too share some of the issues you raised, especially wondering if I'll ever really fit into the bloggy community.
    I was a reluctant blogger at first. My husband had to push me into it. But I blog. And now I do so religiously. And I love it. My initial motivator was to keep a record of my girl's milestones and her growth, as well as my own growth and development as a mother. But now I find that I blog to keep myself sane.
    I write about the trivial annoyances and funny aggravations that we, as mothers, all face. Finding humour in these little issues helps me to stay positive and see all there is to love about this life raising babies. That's why I blog.

  3. I just started my blog last week to just share about my life, my marriage, my kitties, and the good and the hard times we're going through. I stared mine in hopes of finding friends I could relate to and be able to read about what's going on with them too. I have seen that the more popular bloggers definitely have their own "circles", and whether they decide to get to know me or not, I guess I don't really care! I just want to meet nice people! And I do enjoy your blog. Rude commentors can go get a life! I make an effort to try to find interesting bloggers who also have kind hearts and don't care that we're all different, have different likes, personalities, writing styles, etc. and that's the best part about reading all of them!

  4. @Caitlin Thanks lovely lady! And yes, it does remind me of high school at times. and seriously, i am way too old for that :) this is who i am ..... take me or leave me. and if i make new friends along the way awesome! glad i met you lady.

    @erica it's nice to meet someone who has the same concerns. i'm glad that you found a passion in blogging.... i have also :) what's the name of your blog? for some reason only the site you joined showed under your profile. i would love to check it out :)

    @melissa i'm with you lady...i don't care either :) i just want to meet nice people too and share my story with friends and family. plus, with all those life's challenges it's nice to have an outlet and a blog can me a great outlet. i also love to read all the different blogs out there and the amazing personalities. i look forward to reading about your journey. i'm sorry to hear about the health issues. my husband battles uc so i partially understand what you are going through. hang in there lovely :)

  5. first of all, i love your blog and happy to have found it!
    and, i blog to keep up with family/friends too! it has only been the last several months that people i don't know in real life started to visit my blog. i just blab about my life and stuff i love:) "meeting" other awesome bloggers is always fun! the unexpected friendships and encouragment have been a major blessing.
    and agreeing with melissa, no time for haters :)

    xo happy weekend!

  6. Thanks for the reply to my comment. You mentioned that you'd be interested in checking out my blog, you can find it here:

  7. wow! i'm not a big writer, but i feel a lot of the same things sometimes. i don't understand why people bother to make rude or mean comments. just don't subscribe, y'know? so i have begun to unfollow people on twitter that are mean & i'm going to take a look at my blog reader. so many i don't even look at anymore....
    why do i blog? because i do want to share stuff about my shops sometimes, things i like, want, need, don't need, my guys :) so it's like my blog about me thing says 'my corner of the world where i share things i like.'


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