20 August 2011

a sick mama makes for a tired mama.

Well, I was hoping to share my Chicago trip and pictures with you, but I woke up yesterday with a horrible cold. Unfortunately, it was Friday and one of Jon's busiest days. And, since we had been gone all week we had no food in the house so the kids and I had to make a huge trip to the store. Normally, this is a challenge, but yesterday... it was a real challenge. I decided to treat myself to a latte and a bouquet of beautiful fresh sunflowers. The striking yellow color makes me smile every time I walk into our kitchen. I also made an Asian Vegetable Noodle soup to help clear this cold. Today I am still sick, but Jon was a saint and hung out with the kids while I snuck in two naps (TWO, I know). We rode our bikes up to the park (well, the boys did, I pushed the stroller), made veggie burgers for dinner, watched a movie and cuddled in mama's bed with a book.
Even though I'm sick my little lovelies made my day better

Flowers for mama

Mama soup

reading on the front porch with Jess and Joshua

Jonas lost TWO teeth today.
we had to write a note letting the toothfairy know there are two


  1. That is exactly what always makes me feel better, too! It was so great to finally meet you this week, oh how I watched along and wished I was there for the other nights! OMG!


  2. Sorry you've been feeling under the weather! Love these pictures though, and hope you get to feeling better soon :)

    PS I have not forgotten that I owe you a letter!


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