12 September 2011

a day with art. painting with the kids.


art photos

Josh drawing

josh painting


brushes close up



Remember a few weeks back when Jon and I visited the Chicago Art Institute(click here)? Well, while we were there I made sure to take lots of pictures of all the art so I could incorporate them into an activity for the kids. The other day it was so beautiful outside so we decided to pack up our supplies and enjoy the weather. It worked out even better because Jessica was napping and I was able to give my full attention to the boys.

I spread out the pictures that I developed and we talked about what we saw in each painting. It was fun to hear what they came up with! According to Jonas there is a Storm Trooper in Pollock's Grey Rainbow and Joshua saw a fox and a man in a Matisse print. We then decided to make our own abstract paintings. First, we used a sharpie marker to draw some outlines. I told the boys they could make whatever they wanted, whether it was an abtract image or a concrete one. After this part was finished we painted in the lines, or at least that was my plan. They boys pretty much just painted Star Wars pictures, but they had fun doing it and maybe retained a small portion of my little art lesson.


  1. stumbled upon your adorable and inspiring blog today! will be stopping back very soon! thanks for sharing. And the photo of your boy with his head on his knee and your other ones curls- swoon!

  2. You're a great mommy, Liz. :)

    This looked like a wonderful day for you and your boys! Way to be on lettin' the creative juices flow! :D

  3. I absolutely love these pictures! Your children are beautiful!


  4. Aww so precious! I want to make babies and teach them art. Thats my secret plan. Oh and have a California King bed so we all can fit ha.



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