15 September 2011

farmers market. kids art. pizza dinner.




jonas coloring

brother love

A brother's love makes my heart melt. Jonas is the sweetest most caring little boy I know. Jess was feeling a bit grumpy after her nap.

jonas and jess

jess look

Jessica, dazed and confused.

jess dress

jess and bunny

jess smile

jess bunny 2

jess bunny 3

jess pizza

jess and mama

Last night was a wonderful night for a trip to the local vineyard for a farmer's market, children's art and a pizza dinner. The cool September weather and few raindrops didn't stop my mother in law and I from packing up the kids. After we finished, we made it home in time for our bedtime routine. Baths, books and snacks and off to bed we went. After everyone was tucked in for the night Jon came home early and we watched, with friends, the live Phish webcast of their Benefit for Vermont Flood Recovery.

Again, I probably stayed up too late but we had a great evening. I love that I can hang out with the kids and do special activities with them and when Jon gets home we have our time. We're taking the kids camping this weekend and I'm really looking forward to quality family time. We haven't camped in awhile....and we haven't camped with the kids yet so it should be interesting.

Jess is wearing: vintage dress, thrifted
Jonas: Oshkosh shirt (thrifted) and gap shorts
Josh: Old Navy button down, Gap shorts


  1. What a lovely day! I love your jewelry by the way. It's so Anthropologie!!

  2. Beautiful children. Looks like a super fun time!

  3. Darling dress! And such loving sweet siblings. Signs of great parenting! :)

  4. Older brothers are so sweet. Your children are beautiful. Love Jessica's dress and her eyes! Wow.

  5. So many gorgeous pictures. You and Jess are so cute in that picture of you two :)

  6. Lovely dress, lovely lovely big brother!
    I cherish those evenings when my chef comes home early. They don't happen often enough...although he just started a new tradition of Wednesday nights = family night. He's home in time for dinner on Weds. and so I go all out in the kitchen. I love it! Hope it sticks!

  7. your children are sooo beautiful :) sounds like a fun event.. ah i love fall outdoorsy things hehe

  8. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment!

    Your children are beautiful and I adore your blog.

    So glad we met! :)



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