a baby in a barn.





I just love these little photos of Jessica. I snapped these when I was on Jonas' field trip at the pumpkin patch on Tuesday. She's a bit thrown together because I was running behind and couldn't seem to get out the door (surprise surprise) but she pulls it off.
Just look at her eyes and you'll become lost.
That's all the matters to me.
Her captivating soul.
Her individualism.
My Jessica.

Well friends, enjoy your weekend. We have a super cool Halloween party lined up for tonight and lots of baking, reading and playing for Saturday. And perhaps a little Nightmare Before Christmas movie night. Oh, and a little trick or treat and dinner at our house on Sunday.
Do you have any special plans for this spooky weekend?


  1. She has the most curious eyes! They're always so wide as though she's trying to take everything in :) She is a gem.

  2. What a beautiful little sweetie! I love her little outfit too. =]

  3. Nothing like a bundled up baby in a barn =)


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