26 October 2011

a birthday surprise.

In our house we like to celebrate birthdays for a week. Sunday we celebrated Jon's special day with his dad and his wife, Monday we celebrated with his mom and Tuesday we celebrated with the kids. And as a little birthday surprise I lined up a sitter and joined Jon at the restaurant last night. I loved the look on his face when I walked through the door. When he left our house around 6:00pm I was in jeans and a sweatshirt racing around making dinner and stressing out.
He thought it was a normal Tuesday.


Monday night we sampled some of Jon's brew and can I just say it's pretty tasty!
You nailed this one honey.


The kids created some homemade birthday gifts.

Celebrating on Monday with his mom and our family.


A birthday surprise at the restaurant and some oysters on the half shell and cocktails to start off our night.

So why was I stressing out? Well, even though yesterday turned out wonderful, it was a challenging day. From the minute I woke up it was nonstop. Before I even took Jonas to school Jess opened a huge container of vinegar and dumped it everywhere....so it was laundry and running late for me. I took Jonas to school, came home got Josh ready for school pictures and took him to school. Then Jess and I went back to Jonas' school to go on his field trip. We left this early, around 11:30, and came back home where my parents were waiting with Josh. Naturally, I was running late and dropped off Jonas and picked up Josh. We headed to the hospital for his appointment with a pediatric cardiologist.

At his four year old checkup our doctor detected a heart murmur that he wanted looked at by a cardiologist. We heard good news yesterday. It is a normal heart murmur that we shouldn't be concerned about. He can continue to run and play and participate in any sports. I debated about sharing this information. To be honest, I never realized how common heart murmurs are in children. So many of my readers are moms so I thought it would be important to share. Since August I have had this in the back of my mind and it was driving me crazy. At least I can relax a little now.

So the kids had pizza night last night and I quickly got ready after Jon left. When our awesome sitter came at 7:30 I finished Jon's present...a scrap book of all our Phish concerts from 2009 to 20011...and ran out the door. It felt good to sit down and relax with the hubby over a nice dinner and drinks.

Happy Birthday Jon


  1. What a sweet day(minus the vinegar disaster)! i love the phish tribute scrapbook! you should do a post on it!

  2. You are such a wonderful mother and wife! Despite the bussy-ness of your vocation as a wife and mom you still make the effort to do little things (and big things) to make your family feel so special. You are an inspiration!

  3. Glad that his heart murmur is nothing to be considered about and that he can continue being a normal little boy! And happy birthday to your husband...I am fully supportive of "birthday week." :)


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