17 October 2011

lost in our books.

books 2

book collage

books 4

book collage 2

books 4

I have always had a passion for reading.
The scent of a hardback book draws out memories and emotions from the past.
The feel of crisp pages as they flutter through your hands.
The small stacks and piles that can be found in every room.
The various subjects encompassed by endless words and taunting information.

I look forward to my Fridays because it's library day with the kids.
Our afternoons are spent strolling the aisles looking for the perfect book.
We race home to lay on our tummies, our legs gently touching each other and we dive into our books only to become lost in the words.

Do you have a favorite book? A favorite poem? A favorite children's book?
Please share. I'm always looking for a new read!


  1. It is funny how much kids naturally love books. Eli has been carrying them around with him as early as 9 months. He likes me to hold them while he flips the pages.

  2. Wonderful photos - I absolutely love to read and now, though I don't have any kids, I'm kind of tempted to set aside a "reading day" each week so I have something to look forward to!

  3. we love books and reading, too! favorite!
    love these sweet photos;)


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