19 October 2011

october day and a pumpkin patch.

patch 9

the october day
walked away briskly
into the night
leaving us silent
with dreams on the mind.

patch 13

patch 12

pumpkin patch

a sudden smile on your face
brought light over the fields

leaves danced in air
swaying back and forth
to the sound of wind

running feet echoed
and childrens laughter
hung in the breeze

pumpkin patch 3

patch 5

patch 17

patch 6

pumpkin patch 2

a glimpse of love
when i caught your gaze
as you watched me
skip through the patch

patch 8

patch 7

we held hands tightly
i whispered softly
thank you
october day.

patch 19

patch 20

So, I haven't been able to figure out why my photos have been a little on the grainy side. Well, last night I realized that I never changed my ISO setting or white balance from the other week. I love taking photos but it is definitely a trial and error experience.
I'm learning. Slowly but surely.
After our pumpkin patch adventure we went out to dinner with the kids. I was dressed for dinner in these photos. Jon was dressed to run and play in the fields. We ended up all running and playing.

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And with Gussy because my favorite accessories are my children.



  1. what gorgeous children you have! love your daughters little bow and your rainboots are fab!

  2. A beautiful day, a beautiful outing, a beautiful family:)

  3. looks like you all had a great time. Mark wasn't able to join Behr and I on our pumpkin patch adventure this year, which is a bummer since it was Behr's first time. But there will certainly be many more years...as you display here!

  4. Cute pics! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Love the pumpkin patch :)

  5. Okay....so many kudos to you for co-ordinating your accessories with Jess'. Turquoise boots match turquoise hairband. These small details are totally not lost on me.
    You all look adorable.

  6. Glad you're learning your camera! You look amazing, by the way. Very fall-esque :)

  7. Lovely children all the three. And great photography also.

  8. You have a worderful family and adorable kids. Your such a nice person!

  9. Just fyi... love your blog! And you are so beautiful and your kids are adorable!


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