15 November 2011

as autumn ends.

last fall6

last fall8

last fall10

JESS fall

as autumn ends
the sun settles over day
like a warm blanket
masking our souls

we laugh. we run. we play.

and when day sleeps
our blanket wraps around
small bodies
as they slowly make their way
into the unguarded night

we embraced these moments
as autumn ends
our laughter thrown to wind
dancing in sky

as autumn ends.

last fall5

last fall2

last fall3

last fall

last fall4

Yesterday the sun decided to visit for a brief moment. We took advantage of that time and played, and ran, and laughed. Little did I know there was a tornado warning but maybe it's better I didn't know. We enjoyed the last of these autumn days under the warm sun.

Please note Jonas's awesome nerf gun strap handmade by dad out of duct tape. And Josh.....what a ham. I used to make fun of Jon for calling our old lab a ham. Bella was a ham and so is Josh.
He can ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

linking up with mama loves papa today.


  1. You certainly put a smile on my face with your beautiful poetry, and the full of joy photos. Thank you! Have you considered sharing with The Creative Exchange?

  2. I am new to your blog and each time I visit I adore it. ADORE it.

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful images and beautiful children. Your blog is always such a delight to visit.

  4. This is just so beautiful, as always. <3

  5. Looks like y'all had some fun! My little son is big into nerf guns right now, and he's only about 14.5 months! Blessings!




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