baby in a sink.






I guess we just can't say no to home projects. We've decided to finally redo the upstairs bathroom. It's been on our "to do" list for some time, but after a kitchen makeover, having a baby and painting the living room and hall ways we needed a break. It's back to work for us. We have officially decided to sell our home so it's time to wrap up some of those daunting projects that have sat unfinished.

Jon ripped up the old tile and took out the plastic shower. He's been working hard on re-tiling the floor and shower for a clean neutral look. When he's done with his part I get to come in and paint. Oh joy. More painting ;)

So for now we have a baby in a sink.
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  1. BUBBLEBEARD!on a baby! my favorite!

  2. Hey Liz! As someone who is currently in the process of moving back to Canton I'm curious where your house is and more details about it? Would you mind sharing them with me? You already have my email but in case you need a reminder:


    And the baby is too cute too!!! My grandma is Puerto Rico bathed me outside in a big metal something or other, which is what this picture reminds me of :)

  3. Aww :) She is SO gorgeous, just like her ma!


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