04 November 2011

just another day.

jess and mama

Awhile back a lovely reader asked if I could post about my "typical day" and I feel horrible that I am just getting around to this. My apologies. So, here you have it. This is an example of my day...well this past wednesday to be exact.

rise and shine. wake up jonas, head downstairs with jess and make coffee. make jess and jonas breakfast and help him get dressed and ready for school.
leave to take jonas to school.
sometimes i take jess with me and sometimes she stays with jon if he's up.
arrive back home. get joshua breakfast and dressed for school. eat myself and drink coffee.
must drink coffee.
take joshua to school.
quickly stop at home to grab my sunglasses and coffee. then off to music class with jess.
9:30 to 10:15
kindermusik with jess
home. nap for jess and laundry for mama. also cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast.
leave to pick up josh from school.
arrive home. make lunch and clean up after lunch. quickly check email if i have a chance. unload dishwasher if needed or switch out laundry.
today jon's mom came over so i could take a car load to salvation army. while there i quickly browsed and picked up some vintage dresses for jess. and stopped at starbucks afterwards.
head over to the school to pick up jonas.
get home. snacks for the kids. normally jess takes her nap now, but today she only took one nap. jess and i played while the boys watched a show. jonas is allowed to watch tv for a half hour after school. jess and i snapped some photos and played on the swing set. the boys joined us and jonas and i had a mean game of nerf gun war.
i intended on making sweet potatoe and black bean empanadas for dinner but realized i forgot to pick up some ingredients. in a pinch, we ordered carry out from the restaurant. daddy to the rescue :)
jon came home for fifteen minutes. normally he comes home for about an hour, but since it was so beautiful he got a game of golf in. fine with me because thursday night is dinner with the girls and he hangs out with the kiddos.
ate dinner. mom cleaned the kitchen while the kids played.
bath time for everyone. well, not me just the kids. and yes, i put them all in the tub at once. it's easier for me and everyone plays.
bed time snacks. crackers, cheese and apples (organic).
jess and i read two books then she goes in her bed.
books for the boys. potty and brush teeth. i tuck them in and chat for a moment then leave.
make a quick run through of the house and pick up. toss a load of laundry in and make a pot of coffee.
computer time while i drink my coffee. i catch up on emails, edit photos and write my blog posts. i also look at my calendar and plan the week. sometimes i have school papers to go through. sometimes i have work for one of the organizations i'm involved with. i sit on a fundraising committee for jonas' school so i have been busy working on school projects and i'm on the board for the foundation for community betterment which keeps me active. i'm in the process of planning an event for the holidays. i sit on a couple other boards as well but these take up most of my time.
while i continue computer work i usually indulge in a beer or glass of wine around this time. and music of course.
switch out laundry, clean up, make jonas' lunch and take a shower.
jump in bed with my book or try and watch a show. on some weekdays jon will get home around this time. i'll usually hang out with him and chat and catch up
12:00 ish
bedtime. sometimes it's later sometimes it's earlier. just depends.

so, this is my typical day. of course it depends on whats going on and if jon is home or not. i'm not going to lie, our schedule is challenging. jon works long hard hours and that means i work long hard hours too. but we make it work. we find the balance. you have to if you want it to work. we have a great babysitter and that makes the difference. i'm able to go down and have late night dinners with jon and i'm able to attend my meetings and be involved in the community and arts. we are also blessed with great parents who help out and love to hang out with the kids.

you'll notice i didn't workout today, but most days i do. i either run in the morning while jon is home, run or do yoga while jess naps later in the day or worst case scenario i run on the treadmill after the kids are in bed.

jon IS off on monday nights, thursdays and sundays. although he always goes in on his days off. we make sure to to make the best of those days as a family and as a couple. now that november is here it means the holiday season has arrived, a time i have a love hate relationship with. the holidays mean longer work hours for jon because it's the restaurants busiest time of the year.

wow, i feel exhausted just typing this out.
i'm ready to relax a bit this weekend.
have a great weekend everyone


  1. Sounds like an exhausting day indeed! :)

  2. oh too funny Liz... I was just collecting up some pics to do a post just like this next week! Oy, your days sounds like a blur tho.. 'instant human=just add coffee' eh?! ;o)
    needle and nest design

  3. Sounds exhausting, but you made it! I love your headband/scarf. Super cute.


  4. sounds like a wonderful day! ;-) Stumbled upon your blog today and loved it!

  5. sounds like a great but tiring day :) i love these kind of posts!



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