run baby run.



sun Picnik collage

These days I just can't get enough of the beautiful November sun and the cool autumn breeze. We have been spending so much time outside that I'm trying to savor every moment. I know these days of autumn weather are limited. Soon the snow will come, the gray sky will spread across the days and we will spend more and more time inside.

These days little Jessica has learned to run. She runs after a ball. She runs after the dog. She runs after her brothers. I'm thankful that we can spend time running outside in the grass and in our yard because soon we'll be running in the snow.



I'm looking forward to a weekend spent around the home. I have a long "to do" list that I need to tackle and will be staying in Friday night to start my chores. At the top of the list is painting the bathroom. I'm looking forward to a late dinner on Saturday night with Jon at the restaurant and a casual Sunday spent with the family. And working on the house of course. Our goal is to have the house up for sale in one week.....I still can't believe we're doing this!

What are your weekend plans?
Whatever they may be I hope you enjoy every moment of these November days.


  1. What wonderful weather! its just cloudy and blah here- more like stay inside and read kind of days...


  2. She's such a sweetie! We are enjoying our last lovely days here too. Hoping to get outside a lot this weekend. =)


  3. look how sophistic-chic-sweet you are! Nice threads liz... and Jess is still super cute.. who's your photographer on these lovely outings?
    have a beauty (productive) weekend!

  4. it looks beautiful where you are. your lil' gal is such a cutie. it's the little things that matter.

  5. You look so pretty! And I love watching toddlers running...it's all head-first! hehe


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