30 November 2011

sparkle. shine. share.


The tree is up and December is here tomorrow. The holiday season is upon us and I'm ready. I'm ready to stop, slow down and enjoy this season with the kids and my family. I don't see much of Jon this month because it's the restaurant's busy season but I capture happiness in the time we do share.


Speaking of sharing....the kids and I have been busy reaching out to those in need. For Thanksgiving we baked three large casseroles of green beans that were served to local families. For Christmas Joshua is filling a stocking for a child of a similar age who is in foster care. Jonas is picking out items for a boy his age that will go to the Domestic Violence Program. I choose a little boy who is from the same program. We also spend the next week going through toys and cloths that we can pass along to those in need. It's very important to me as a parent and role model to teach my children to share and give a helping hand when needed. I only hope they take this gift and pass it along.


May your days be filled with joy.
Take this joy.
Pass it along.
Give a hand.
Reach to those in need.

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  1. I love this!

    This time of the year is when I miss working at McLean Bible Church, I loved helping out with the Angel tree or talking to families that would come in looking for assistance and looking at a situation that they thought would be hopeless and giving them hope in the form of assistance when they didn't really expect that. I love it.

    Your tree is very pretty as well


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