santa and a party.



Over the weekend we finally saw Santa. As you can tell by Jess' reaction she was not as excited as the boys over this joyous moment, but she certainly had a death grip on those candy canes and wasn't about to give them up.

Joshua managed to ramble off a list of about five pages while Jonas, on the other hand, named his few items, the price, the store where they are located, and the lego item number. In Jesica's cries and screams I believe I heard her say "kitchen" as her Christmas wish. Just perhaps.




I love this picture.




I've never linked up for style, but thought I would give it a whirl since I actually dressed up. Linking up with Mandy for Steppin Out.
I'm wearing very old Limited red velvet pants, Gap sweater, Missoni for Target shoes, vintage necklace

And yes, I am the cheesy mom whose kids are sometimes matching ;) I have a feeling this is the last year I can pull this one off.

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas week!
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  1. Hehe I love that they are matching :) They are all so precious, as are you!


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