08 February 2012

16 months and on the go.


Picnik collagejess



Can you believe this little lady is 16 months? Wasn't I just talking about how fast time goes in this post? If only time could stop when we wanted.

These days Jessica is so active I can't even keep up with her (seriously). She has to have everything and anything that her brothers have: cookies(not that we eat them often), juice boxes, legos, light sabers. She runs and she runs fast. She climbs the stairs in a matter of seconds. Speaking of climbing....she will climb on anything! The boys were never climbers and this little lady can't get high enough. The other day she climbed on top of her piano and was pulling herself onto the bookshelves. She also pulls her bike over to the shelves and stands on it to reach items. If you don't shut the bathroom door she's on the step stool playing in the sink in a matter of seconds. And the other reason you need to close the bathroom door.....she apparently thinks it's appropriate to wash her hands in the toilet. Again, my boys never did this. We joke that you have to watch Jess like a hawk, but you really do!








Other things Jess enjoys:
coloring with crayons and markers (under supervision of course, we already had a marker moment on mama's white walls)
reading books "herself"
pulling books off the shelves at the library
her kindermusik class
dancing and twirling
going to the museum
helping mama put laundry in the dryer
pointing to animals in her books
pointing to body parts
lifting her dress up in public (this is a new one)
calling for dada when he gets home
attempting to sneak in our bed
her binky at bedtime (again, new for me. the boys never used one)
her bunny that goes everywhere

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  1. oh my gosh, SO CUTE. those paintings are pretty awesome. i think you have an artist on your hands!

  2. so adorable! our beatrice is about to turn 17 months and we haven't braved giving her paints yet...ok...this post inspired us...i;m gonna get her some paint!

  3. sweet post. that ruffly shirt and leggings are SO cute!!! love her soft baby curls.

  4. she is so so precious! i hate how fast they grow up!! : (

  5. I don't think I ever realized that Jessica was only about three months older than my Behr!

    These painting pictures are too cute for words. And I loved the final product on instagram!

  6. Oh man, happy 16 monts to your sweet girl! How funny is it that she's so different from your boys. I especially laughed when you described how brave and fearless she is, climbing all over everything in such a way that is so typically "boy" when your guys were so different. Funny!

  7. Oh my gosh, what a little adventurer she is! She is so, so precious. I wish I lived closer, she and Tallulah could be such good friends I think ;)

  8. I love her tights!! Why don't I find those in big-girl (my) size?? And my son gets so excited when he helps me out with things like putting clothes in the dryer. It's so fun having a toddler!!

  9. D'awww, Liz, this is so freaking adorable. That age is so exhausting--when I spend time with my niece I just want to nap after holding her arm going uuup and dooowwn the stairs over and over and over! But they're pretty darn cute so...


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