27 February 2012

just another weekend.

Picnik collageweeeknd
Picnik collageweekend2
Picnik collageweekend3

just another weekend. a good weekend.
we didn't have any showings or open houses last week so i avoided cleaning and picking up. it felt good. until this morning when i realized we have a showing today.

we played. i ran. we ate. we had a serious nerf gun battle and made a surprise attack on jon. i watched a movie with my best friend on friday night. drive. we sat around chatting for hours. it was great. we went to a birthday party. the boys bought legos with their money. i got a night out. i shopped. i joined jon for a late dinner. we went out with friends. sunday we were lazy. i took a hot bath in the afternoon. i took a nap. we ate dinner with my family. we watched a movie. the rum diaries.

and now i go pick up josh, make lunch and clean.
hope you enjoy your monday. it looks like a busy week for us.



  1. Glad you had such a lovely weekend, friend. I love that last photo of Jess, she is too precious!

    1. thanks my dear! hope you guys had a nice weekend too (minus the trip to the er). can't wait to hear more about the new place!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I love your top and the clothes hanging up. LOVE your style!

    1. ah, thanks morgan!! that top was a $5 target find. can't beat that. and all the cloths i tried on this weekend were on sale PLUS an extra 40% off. i couldn't resist some of those dresses ;)


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