16 February 2012

little treats.

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Valentine's Day always means little treats for my loved ones. I left these surprises on the kid's beds so they could open them when Jonas came home from school. Of course, the boys each received a little Star Wars lego kit and a Star Wars book. Jess got a new pair of shoes and some flashcards. Daddy got a sweet little card and some candy on his nightstand.

liz and suz

Picnik collage

And mama got the best treat of all! Jon got me tickets to go see Trey play with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Since Jon had to work (insert very sad face) I took one of my closest friends, Suzanne, who happens to be my music buddy. It was absolutely amazing. Whether you're into Phish or not you can't deny seeing the symphony is a breathtaking experience. When you have so many talented musicians in one room I couldn't but help get goosebumps. Music has always had a huge impact on my life but seeing live music stirs something in my heart. Thank you Jon. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. The only thing missing was you!

s it me, or do I look crazy tan in this picture?? I have no idea why!


  1. Dallas just got a little Star Wars Lego kit with some of his birthday money and when he was showing it to me it made me think of y'all, haha. Aah, sounds like an amazing time! More things like that need to come to Alaska, for sure.

    1. haha, i can't believe how obsessed my kids are with star wars legos! they used some of their xmas money to buy more too. as if we don't have enough.

      more goodness like that definitely needs to come to alaska ;) if you guys ever travel where do you go?


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