06 February 2012

where does time go.

Picnik collage kids
Picnik collageliz2
Picnik collageliz4
Picnik collageliz3
Picnik collageliz

sometimes i wonder where time goes.
does it slip away into an unknown pocket
does it dance across an open horizon
does it stop in pictures
in these words
sometimes i wonder where my time goes.
one moment here
then gone.
only left with memories
and images of these days.

a little smile on a child's face
food for the soul
the warm winter sky
snow sleeping on branches
something for warmth
a blue canvas painted with white clouds.

this was my weekend.
i hope you enjoyed yours!
i'm still recovering from last week, which was probably my busiest week of the year. but jonas' school auction was a success and the fundraiser at our restaurant was amazing. details to come soon. the open house we had on sunday went pretty well and the weather was gorgeous so the kids and i spent those two hours at the park (ok, and maybe starbucks too). we saw a house that i fell in love with on sunday but i'm trying not to think about it. we have a feeling the only way we would get this house is if all the stars were aligned (it's a short sale going into a foreclosure). but a girl can dream. today was spent catching up. we hit the grocery store, visited with my parents, worked on spelling and writing, played outside and read books. and now, i'm waiting for my chocolate cake to finish up in the oven, i'm enjoying a glass of mollydooker and we're getting ready to watch a battlestar galactica.

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  1. I loved this. the beauty of imagining the places that time can go and then walking through your time. Thank you for joining in.

  2. Beautiful photos! And I love the daydreamy prose. Hope you get some good rest after the craziness. Congratulations on the successful fundraiser!

    P.S. What is a mollydooker?


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