23 February 2012

skiing with the kids.



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We did it! We finally took the kids skiing. We planned on this trip last year but it never happened so we knew it had to work this year. I am so proud of these little guys. They were such troopers!

We got on the road at 5:00am on Sunday and drove straight to Ellicottville, New York which is only a four hour drive. We drove straight to the lodge and got the kids dressed and ready to go for ski school. While they had school from 10 to 12 Jon and I hit the slopes and got as many runs in as we could. I should probably state that while I love skiing I am not very good at it. It always takes me a run or two to get the feeling for it and I don't venture out past the blue hills (unless when Jon tricks me into going down a black diamond because he told me it was blue.) Jon, on the other hand, has mastered the sport.

After school we had lunch together and took the kids out on the bunny hill for a couple more hours. We made our way back to the hotel and Jon took the kids swimming before we met up with friends for dinner. We ended up having a group of about 12 adults and 12 kids and it was a blast. The adults sat together and the kids had their own tables and completely entertained each other (with some help from legos and ipads.) The picture above is Jonas with his two good friends Sophie and Camille.

Monday we woke up early and Jon headed out for some tougher skiing with the guys. I packed up the boys and got them to their ski school and enjoyed a cup of coffee until Jon met up with me to ski. We had lunch with the kids (pizza, burgers, hot cocoa and bloody mary's for Jon and I)and decided to put them back in ski school. They were having so much fun we thought it was a good idea. All was good, but Jonas did put up a little fight and shed a few tears, but as soon as he put his skis on he was fine. Jon and I hit the slopes until it was time to get the kids and we ended up skiing with them for another hour and a half. The little guys skied for almost six hours!! Again, Jon took them swimming and we headed to dinner just the four of us. As a side note, I am apparently very sheltered because I had no idea what was in a "kiddie cocktail." The waitress said it was juice with a splash of soda water so I said ok fine. Well, turns out it's 7-Up with (most likely artificial) cherry juice. I had a slight freak out because the kids have never had pop, but Jon assured me they will survive. So, after filling our bellies and my freak out we headed back to cuddle and watch a movie.

It was an amazing trip. I had so so much fun with the boys and Jon. We missed Jessica dearly but it was nice to spend quality time with Jonas and Josh. I felt like I was able to actually listen to every word and sit and play legos without any interruptions. As a parent of three, that is one of my biggest challenges. I strive to make sure each of my children receives the special attention they need but I am always being pulled in three, four and five directions.

I also feel I need to add while this trip was awesome, skiing with the kids was some serious work! My body is still sore from the physical labor it took to get those boys on the hills. My next post will include some tips for skiing with kids.

Lastly, I wanted to share what the boys are wearing for their outer gear. It's no secret that skiing is expensive and kids gear is just as pricey. I'm a thrifter and always on the look for a bargain!

On Jonas // ski pants: target / jacket: lands end / hat: target / gloves: gander mountain (1/2 off) / boots: lands end / fleece : north face (1/2 off in Maine)

On Joshua // coat: north face (thrifted) / snow pants: timberland (via marshalls) / hat: north face (via marshalls) / boots: target / gloves: thrifted /

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  1. You look like you are all having so much fun and it really makes me want to go skiing. My husband loves it as has skiied since he was two so he knows what he is doing while I am a complete novice and will be in ski school attempting to learn to ski.

    Have to plan a trip for next year at least!

  2. so wonderful! I have great memories of ski trips with my family growing up. Hopefully your boys (and some day Jessica) remember these times as fondly as me and my siblings do. Six hours of skiing is so impressive. The energy of kids never ceases to amaze me.

  3. I am so jealous! I haven't been skiing with my twins yet. I was hoping to get some sort of sledding in this year, but the snow hasn't been thick enough or stuck long enough.

  4. awww, the pizza pictures are too cute! and seriously, i'm impressed that after getting on the road at 5am you had any energy to do anything!

  5. How fun! We are still hoping to make it up at least once with our kids this year. We've had little to no snow where we are at this year, so it hasn't happened yet. Your kids have the prettiest eyes ever!

  6. It all looks so fun and y'all look so cool in your ski gear! Apparently I'm sheltered too because I never would have known there was soda in a kiddie cocktail either, haha. This makes me so excited to hopefully take Dallas next year.


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