26 March 2012

bikes, trikes and lazy days.







It is so good to be home. Our getaway to NYC and New Jersey was a blast, but it always feels so good coming home. When the kids found their way to our bed last night and this morning I couldn't have been happier. I held each one of them close and whispered how much we missed them. Today we are enjoying the sun, the cool air and catching up. I'm not thinking of the crazy month ahead, today I am only thinking of my little ones and enjoying every minute with them. We're riding our bikes and trikes, we're playing legos and games and reading lots of books since I have four days of reading with them to catch up on. And, in tradition with every trip Jon and I take, the kids get to go on a search to find the souvenirs we brought back for them.

I know I've been a little absent from the blog and the online world lately. I'm having a moment in my life where there are so many things on my plate I feel like it may tumble over! I'm looking forward to finishing my home tours post this week and sharing our trip with you next week. And we close on our house this Wednesday! I can't believe it. We're currently looking for temporary housing because we haven't found a home yet. It's definitely going to get interesting, but nothing our family can't candle. Well friends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! I'm looking forward to a productive week here. Let the packing begin ;)


  1. Looks like so much fun. You have such sweet kiddos.


  2. knowing you..and the whirlwind you guys are in.. made me think that "lazy days" must have been a typo! hehee, but glad to see you're all back together - and looking so sweet! Best of luck in the days ahead.
    xo Mel
    needle and nest design

    1. haha! i know, right ;) i had to take at least one day and do nothing with the kiddos. thank for that luck, i think i'll need it. hope you and the family are doing well. it sure sounds like it!


  3. I love the neat little tradition of them searching for their gifts :) Glad you guys had fun and even gladder that you're home safe! <3

    1. i actually got that idea from my grandma. we were extremely close and i would spend weekends with her and each night she had a "surprise" for me. always something small but she would hide it in the living room and play "hot and cold" until i found it. my kids love this game and i love the tradition of it ;)

  4. Aah, they're just so precious. Everything's been such an adventure for y'all lately! I agree, the tradition of them searching for a little gift is really cute. I can't wait until the snow is gone here so we can pull out bikes, trikes and helmets!

    1. i'm a sucker for tradition! i guess i hope one day they will pass it along to their kids. maybe.

      i can't even imagine snow right now! although, it's been a bit colder. i think i would cry if it snowed again here. haha. but it is ohio so you never know ;)


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