13 March 2012

Jessica's Nursery Tour


Considering that we are moving next month and I just started packing, I thought it was appropriate to finally do some home tour posts. I have more prints/paintings to go on the walls but we kept our house simple while it was on the market. I am so excited to create a new nursery, or rather a little girls room, at our next house! But I will miss this room and the memories that it holds. Not only is it Jessica's space, but it was the nursery for all of my children. The blue walls remain from Jonas and we decided not to paint when Jess arrived, because frankly we were so tired of painting, but her next room (and all our rooms) will be white.





Picnik collage34


Most of the artwork is from local artists or pieces that I pick up when we travel. Several of the stuffed animals in Jess' room were hand me downs that my mom and grandma made, the star on the changing table was a gift from our relatives in Spain, a couple of the dolls are from blabla the organic bunny is from here. I found the hanging birds at a little store in Bernard, Maine but I know you can also get them at Land of Nod.


The rocking chair was a hand me down from Josh and my parents had it reupholstered as a baby gift. The white table was a thrift find I painted. The lion pillow is from Anthropologie and the bird pillow from Joom.



The lamp and wood bowl for books are both from Target and a vintage tin holds bows and hair clips. Vintage Peter Rabbit bank. The bird cage came from Tj Maxx and I painted it white, the paper bird was a gift from Red or Gray Art, Matryoshka doll from World Market, vintage glass deer, books from my childhood and an elephant from Telluride, Colorado.






Picnik collage23

Mostly vintage cloths, moccasins from Squirrel Island, Maine, a table made by my grandfather, which I then repainted for Jess. Flower and owl hooks from Urban Outfitters, blocks c/o Wild Dill, owls handmade by myself.



Star Mobile: Lil Sprout Creations
Flowerburst Print: from Yumi Yumi
Bubble Gum Llama print: local artist
Girl with balloons painting: La Belle Avenue
Painted rocking chair: local artist, purchased at an auction
Fauna Kuma bear: from the Chicago Art Institute
bedding: found online but was unavailable. this local store located it and ordered it for me. i was grateful for their help!

We have built so many memories in this space. Jonas had many sleepless nights filled with rocking and singing. We swayed to music that softly played, I gently placed him down and tip toed out of the room night after night. The walls have been colored on by crayons and markers, cleaned and colored on again. We still laugh about the time when Joshua climbed out of his crib and walked over to the door and called downstairs. And it still scares us to think that the very next morning he fell out of the crib. Babies grew into big beds here while we could hear feet pitter patter down the hallway to freedom. Eventually, we outgrew this room and expanded to the next to add a room for Jonas and Josh. Every night I walk through Jessica's room and tuck her in, kiss her head and give her bunny. I walk through to the next room and tuck in my boys, sometimes pick them off the floor or turn them around the right way. I love this routine. My children tucked away in their little wing, where whispers travel across beds, and laughter rolls out of the crib to the boy's ears. When I hear those giggles I smile. I always smile. And it's these memories that I will take with me to our new home.

I'm looking forward to sharing more photos and memories of our home. Let me know if you have any questions! I'm happy to answer.


  1. I love her room! And I love that it isn't heavily gendered if you don't mind me saying it. My sister went super overboard with the pink when she had my niece, but this is the kind of room that a kid can totally grow into, no matter what their interests. I hope you don't mind me saying so :)

    1. i don't mind you saying at all!! actually, i'm not really a pink person. in fact, i worry i have too much pink in there already!! but the pink just accumulates. and thank you ;)

  2. I LOVE that her room has been blue and what a gorgeous shade! So peaceful. Oh my gosh, that little starry night chair! I would probably faint if I saw that in person and available for purchase, haha. What a gorgeous little room. I can't wait to see more :D

    1. jon actually picked that color when we painted years ago. he was so proud he picked a good color.. haha. and yes, i fell in love with that little chair. it was an auction we went to for a wine event and nobody bid on it so i snatched it up!!

  3. very sweet! i love all the sentimental details and Im excited to see your new house~Margo

    1. thanks margo!! i try to keep meaning in everything i set out. makes you think twice about random purchaes ;)

  4. Her room is so pretty--I love all the little details that hold so many memories.

  5. what a beautiful and calm space! i love it


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