10 April 2012

new york trip. part I

Picnik collage NY

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day one

I know I'm a bit behind on this post, but I'm excited to share our trip to New York City with you. Since we had such an early flight we arrived into the city at 8:30am, which gave us the entire day. We started with espressos and breakfast at the Chelsea Market, a little walking around, wine shopping, sight seeing in the meat packing district and then finally checking into our hotel. We enjoyed lunch and Bloody Mary's at the Oyster Bar at Grand Central and then took our time getting back.

Since this was our big night out we decided to splurge and go to the Gramercy Tavern with some friends. It was absolutely amazing! What a treat to dine in such a well run restaurant. It actually reminded me a bit of my travels in Europe. It truly was a fine dining experience. After we saw our friends off for the night we stopped by Hotel Gansevort for a drink at the rooftop bar. I should probably add the most expensive drink into that description. Now, I know we're from Ohio, but $30 for a drink? Really? So after we finished those, ate the ice cubes and licked the glasses dry we headed back to our hotel. Of course we had to check out our hotel rooftop bar so we stayed out, danced a little and enjoyed the night. And the best part of all...we got to sleep in the next day!

And, this is pretty much the only picture of Jon and I together from this trip. A camera balanced on a lamp shade.


  1. So fun! I've been wanting to find a way to NYC at some point. And $30 drink what what?! The most expensive I've had was like $12 and that was in an airport.

    1. seriously! that what's i said.. "what what??" do you know what i could have bought instead. oh well! we had fun.

  2. ouuu you guys look so chic in the big city!

  3. I love that picture of you & Jon! I need to take more of Andy & I together but it's just not so easy, haha. That window of your hotel room is just stunning! Oh gosh, they must be pretty proud of their drinks with that price tag, holy cow.

    1. thanks! i feel like we have no pictures of us. i even have a tripod but it just never works out.


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