23 May 2012

growing like a weed.


Life has been so busy around this house that I have let time slip between my fingers. My youngest is growing like a weed before my open eyes and there is nothing I can do to make the moment stop.

Eighteen months.
Nineteen months,
and now almost twenty months.

This amazing daughter of mine has blossomed from an infant into a unique child with great charisma. Her personality shines in her eyes, in the glow on her cheeks and in the heart of her laugh. She brings me joy, happiness, and the desire to be the best I can be so that I may guide her wisely down the path of life.

These days Jessica:
Is a talking machine and repeats anything and everything you say. She can clearly express what she wants and doesn't want, and she isn't afraid to use that firm "NO."

Loves to read and looks forward to library day. I can never get her to leave that weekly visit.

Just finished her music classes and will take a few workshops over the summer. We'll pick back up with the regular music schedule in the fall. We may also start "Mommy and Me" ballet in the fall.

Enjoys playing dress up, even if it's a Batman or Darth Vader costume.

Will pick up a light saber and make the appropriate sounds while swinging it in the air and wearing a pair of my heels. She can also sing the theme song to Star Wars. I have GOT to get that on video!

Still has an attachment to her bunny and wants it most hours out of the day. She also has an attachment to her binky, which drives me absolutely crazy!! I hate, can't stand, loathe the binky. My other children never used one so this is very new to me. I obviously dropped the ball and just taking it away when she was younger. Now she has a clearer understanding and asks for it. She asks for it! Any suggestions??


  1. she's beautiful! my kids never took a nuk either, but I've heard cutting the tip off works pretty well...

  2. So so sweet ! our youngest are very close in age !

  3. Oh my gosh!!! She is so beautiful!!!! She looks SO much like you!
    Cheers to you sweet friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe, and snap loads of pics!

  4. She is so beautiful and totally your little doppelgänger. :)


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