29 May 2012

kale and grapefruit salad

Since we only have half of a kitchen these days I've been focusing on simple healthy dishes to get us by. Although we have a stove, we don't have a sink or countertops. I was using the bathroom sink to wash dishes until it backed up and Jon had to play the role of plumber. Now, the few dishes I do use I wash in the utility sink. Carry out is getting old and I can only grill veggies so many ways. I recently stumbled across Megan's blog, whole family fare, and instantly fell in love with her recipes. I know I've talked about including more food posts and I suppose this is the beginning of that adventure. In the future you'll see more of my own recipes, but I just had to try this salad. I eat kale everyday and I love this twist. Instead of blood oranges I used grapefruit since that's what I had on hand.

1 bunch of kale
1/2 of a grapefruit
lemon vinaigrette

This was for one serving at lunch, but you could easily make this as a side for dinner.
I also used Megan's recipe for lemon vinaigrette, and I can't get enough of it.
The other day I made an orange vinaigrette that was just as tasty.

As a complete side note, we've had a couple set backs on the progress of the house. Our tv and stereo were set up (I lost the battle and they are above the fireplace), the wiring was in place behind the mantle, it was painted and we were good to go. While working on the music setup the HDMI cord broke and needed replaced. Which meant that Jon had to take off the mantle (that was glued and screwed into brick)in order to get to the cord. Everything is back in place now, and most importantly the music works (with the record player) but the wall needs patched and repainted. A small set back.

Now, lets walk into the kitchen and we will find a larger set back! We are set on having the hood system filter the air outside rather than back into the house. With as much as we cook we don't want that air circulated back inside. However, we have an older home and there is no easy way to run the vent to outside. We have had several cooling and heating guys come over to help find a solution. I think we found one this morning, but we now have to tear down the soffit, take down the cupboards and run a pipe outside. Did I mention that the kitchen is already painted?? We now will have to patch the ceiling, use drywall for new soffits and repaint. I honestly thought we were two weeks away from having a finished kitchen. Clearly not the case now. I can't help but be a bit depressed. Having a home that is in complete chaos is so difficult with three children. There is stuff everywhere. I purged before we moved but we still have so much stuff! I can't get ahead of the laundry. There is constantly dirty piles waiting to be washed and don't even get me started on the piles waiting to be folded. The yard could use about two weeks of straight weeding and it looks like our cars will never get in the garage. I can't seem to find the time to finish painting Jess' room so it has sat half painted for three weeks. I thought I unpacked everything, but we are still missing so many items! Like half of Josh's solar system mobile that I want to mount on his ceiling. How am I missing half? Why didn't I pack it together? These are the questions I ask myself as I lay in bed at night.

Well, enough complaining and thank you for listening. Although we have several projects on our hands we are blessed to have a home. A beautiful home that just needs a little tender loving care. I hope to share some pictures of the house soon!


  1. Ugh, moving totally sucks for that reason. We're still missing stuff! That salad looks yummy! :)

    1. Oh no! still?? Ya, I have a feeling a year from now I'll still be wondering where items are.


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