09 May 2012

when you're down, you're down.


Well, I learned one thing over the past few days...when our house gets hit with the flu bug it gets hit hard. Joshua was a lucky little guy because his lasted 24 hours. Jonas finally went to school today after missing three days and being sick over the weekend. I couldn't get out of bed for two days. And you know what that means when mom can't get out of bed for two days: laundry overload, a messy house, no dinners, no bedtimes snacks, no brushed teeth and mismatched cloths. I'm finally starting to feel better today and when it hit Jess this morning I didn't have a choice, I had to get out of bed. So in between sipping my green teas I have been catching up on laundry, cuddling with Jess and steam cleaning my mattress. I also steam cleaned the couch (the white couch) that got hit not only by Joshua but by Jonas too (right after he drank grape juice).

I'm hoping my energy will return tomorrow because, I tell you what, since being sick I have lost my motivation and it has me a bit down. I still need to finish unpacking. I honestly thought I would have the kid's rooms painted by now, but I'm not even done with one. I hardly ran last week and I have no desire to run this week, which just depresses me. I would love to get in the kitchen and cook and bake but I have no oven AND I never thought I would miss a kitchen sink so much. I hate to complain, but I thought I would keep it honest. Hopefully this is just that nasty flu bug that's bringing me down. And hopefully I'll be feeling much more like myself tomorrow.

As you can see, I'm almost done painting Jess' room.
The walls are finished I just need to add another coat or two to the trim.


  1. Thinking of you guys! Poor things!!!

  2. Hang in there, the flu always puts me in a depressed state. You are cut-off from the rest of the world cleaning up puke while puking yourself. Been there girl! The sun will shine again and life is beautiful! You will accomplish everything on your mental list soon, and soon the list will be full of other things- circle of mom life! PS I still owe you $5!!

  3. I'm so sorry! Ugh. As my wonderful Grandma used to say, This too shall pass. Hang in there.


  4. Ugh, sorry you guys are sick :( Hope things look up soon!

  5. You can purchase a sink that may be witout a doubt integrated with a countertops, mostly inside the similar colour or perhaps a complementary design. These can be damaged nevertheless can be mended likewise. The actual negative area can be in the event that you’re sick and tired with the actual kitchen sink, you’ll must take away the entire countertops.


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